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Seattle’s Best band

Seattle’s best wedding band Is FreddyPink

Seattle’s best dance band Is FreddyPink

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A few things you should know...

We always go the extra mile!

FreddyPink is known among event planners for going above and beyond in order to accomodate our clients needs, with the ultimate goal of lighting up their guests.  Don’t let our size, or your budget constraints stop you from contacting us.  Our fees vary according to season, your venue’s location, and how close in proximity your event might be to other events we are performing.  In public concert scenarios, the area’s demographic, the cause, if philanthropic, and the estimated number of attendees will also affect our fees.  FreddyPink is a group of passionate, proffessional artists, and regardless of fees, or the size of an event, the music always comes first.  This band loves bringing people together.

Music covering a wide demographic, the perfect choice for Corporate events, weddings and public concerts.

We love surprising our clients and their guests by performing material they would never expect, music that takes serious musicianship, and the ability to dovetail songs and arrangements together into unique, danceable, medleys, for non stop entertainment.  This is music that gets people involved, that’s what we are known for, and that’s what brings our audiences to their feet, and screaming for more everytime we hit the stage.

Excellent refferences on request...from the nations largest companies, to our Brides and Grooms.

As we have stated, we always go the extra mile to accomodate our clients, and we have great refferences to that effect from all of the wonderful people and various companies and organizations we have worked with.  Whether a huge event for Microsoft with thousands in attendance, or an intimate wedding party, FreddyPink always steps to the plate to make an event as great as it can possibley be.

Choose FreddyPink for your event, and actually enjoy your event with your guests.  Events should be fun for the people throwing them as well, and we do our very best to aleviate our event planners stress.